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CactusCat Bar

Vegan gastrobar

There is something really special about this place, you notice it as soon as you walk in. It’s nicely decorated and the people working there are incredibly friendly and kind, you can tell they are very passionate about what they do.

The lasagne was probably the best I’ve ever had, huge portion and the cheese melted so nicely (unlike a lot of vegan cheeses, that are sticky). The price is also fair considering the amount of food you get!

The avocado toast was genuinely the best I’ve ever had!!

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Bar Noe

Fantastic restaurant with a delightful team. The culinary experience takes you on a journey through an array of flavors and textures. The well-curated wine menu perfectly complements the exquisite food.

Places to eat

Yamato BBQ Barcelona

Absolutely can not fault this restaurant, the quality of food was excellent, servers were attentive and helpful and was an all round great experience.

Places to eat

NEØ Coffee House

A friendly vegan spot that also does very good specialty coffee, brunch, and home-made cakes.

Places to eat


A fantastic small restaurant that tries to resemble the ramen as a street food with a street vibe.

Places to eat

Fast Eddie’s

An amazing burger seasoned to perfection. The curley fries were also a crowd favorite. Superb customer service and a local favorite after hours

Places to eat


Colorful fast-food joint serving creative burgers & fries to eat in or take out.

Places to eat